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A Complaint About August

What the hell happened to August? And why are we tricked every year – by ‘them,’ whoever they are; the combine; the machine; the turner of the hamster wheel – into thinking¬†it’s going to be ‘the hottest August on record’. Perhaps more importantly, why do we fall for it every time? It starts off on […]

July Photos

Some of my photos from the end of June and July (so far)

Camera Self Portrait

What would a camera’s self portrait look like?¬†

June Photos


Horrible Old Shoe

I found this horrible old shoe at the beach. For some reason it pleases me. For years I’ve marvelled at the concept of a horrible old leather shoe that looks exactly like this one (I’ve even drawn pictures of it!) and suddenly, there it is in the flesh! I mean, even when it was new […]