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Christmas from the Southern Hemisphere

I’ll try not to gloat from my summery southern hemisphere beach location, but I do want to stop for a second to wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018. I recently totally uprooted my life, which is both terrifying and exciting, and thus 2018 for me will bring plenty of challenges and I […]


My Grandma passed away just over a year ago. It really affected me, actually. It surprised me at the time just how much it knocked me sideways. She wasn’t the first family member I’ve lost and my family isn’t a particularly close unit – everyone lives really far away from each other and we don’t […]

October Horoscope

It’s been a really, really long time since I wrote some horoscopes. Too long, some would say. Not long enough, would say others. Aquarius Around the 2nd of the month you’ll develop a ringing in the ears which, by the 8th, will turn into a full cacophony of ear-splitting white noise and screeching that nothing […]

Desert Eel

You know what I’m completely sick of? Seeing those ‘inspirational’ quote posters, but when you read the quote it quickly becomes apparent how utterly meaningless and hollow it is, like the soul of a career politician. They’re complete rubbish; an eel in the desert makes more sense. People go mad for them at the moment. […]

Some July-ing

Gandalf’s beard! It’s the 31st July and I haven’t written anything on my cherished blog. I managed to get a few photos this month, so I’ll lazily share those with you instead. I managed to do some brush pen practice this month (something that I never do and hence I’m terrible at using the brush […]

That’ll Keep ‘Em Out

Well the good news is that I won’t be having problems with rabbits eating the vegetables in the garden any more, thanks to my firm but fair method of pest control (see below). The bad news is that I don’t think it’ll work for the squirrels because they’re crafty little buggers and I think they’re […]


It’s April Fool’s day tomorrow, so now seems like a good time to tell you about the running joke I’ve been playing on my Mum for the last couple of years. Like any sensible grown-up she writes food shopping lists and leaves them in the kitchen, adding to them whenever food inspiration strikes and eventually […]

The Most Underrated Holiday

Pancake day is the most underrated public holiday. It’s so underrated, in fact, that it’s not even a public holiday! Quite frankly it’s outrageous. I mean, how is everyone supposed to properly appreciate the mighty pancake while at work all day? I need a day off to do that. And don’t give me that lemon and sugar crap. […]

A Good Day at Work

Working at a computer all day occasionally has its perks. I get to be indoors when it’s raining, for example. But mostly it’s perilous and fraught with desk-related dangers. I mean, has the bloke working on the off-shore oil rig ever had a paper cut? Hmm? A real deep, filthy cardboard cut? No, of course […]